All my chocolates are hand made and hand painted here in the U.K. Buy on-line and your gift can be shipped across the world.

Every one of them is a unique, edible artwork that is crafted from high quality Belgian couverture chocolate so it tastes wonderful. Once made they are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive safely wherever you are.


I also create commissions for private clients, corporate gifts and PR agencies.

If you could peek in the studio now I might be creating beautiful custom-made white chocolate shells for a bride’s perfect wedding favours. Or it could be edible human hearts for Paramount Picture’s horror film launch.

What ever the exact design, The Edible Museum is always creating memorable chocolate gifts that taste like heaven.


Is it really a museum?

The Edible Museum is an online retail shop where you will find museum artefacts recreated in quality chocolate.

Imagine having access to the most private collections of a museum from perfectly preserved fossils and anatomy to sea life and endangered species. Now imagine everything in those archives is made from chocolate and you have The Edible Museum.

It will blow your mind, wow your taste buds, and make you the best gift-giver ever.


The museum collection started with chocolate fossils, as they were my own personal area of interest, and they have proved to be one of my best sellers. The chocolate human hearts are also very popular being a perfect gift for doctors, horror fans and romantics alike. Take a look at the ‘exhibits’ and get in touch if there is anything you want to suggest for the next collection.


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