How The Edible Museum Started

Horribly realistic Christmas cakeAs a trained sculptor it was natural to move into creating props for film, television and museums when I graduated from Goldsmiths. But it was a while before I realised I could combine my passion for sculpture with my addiction to chocolate and cake.

I could create artwork that was a feast, not just for the eyes, but also for the taste buds.

From my home in London I started a business and was soon creating showstopper food art for companies such Hamleys and Odeon Cinemas as well as celebrity clients.

The demand for things that were delicious and unique proved a success.

tl-natural-history-cabinet-of-cakeAfter making some chocolate vertebrae for St Bart’s Pathology museum, I was asked for them again in a cake sculpture for Mick Jagger, then again as a gift for a GP. That was when I realised I could specialize in producing multiples of my high quality food-art. They would be detailed and accurate enough to fool the eye; hand painted artworks that happened to be made of chocolate and available to buy without having to commission me.

Now located in the Essex countryside I have created high quality (and eminently edible) replicas of natural history items such as a T Rex tooth, the endangered Natterjack Toad  and an anatomically correct heart. They have been shortlisted for the Great British Food Awards and have been sent to Harvard and UCL -  feted for their educational value as well as their delicious taste.