A beautiful collection of British Bird’s eggs faithfully reproduced in white chocolate and packaged in a wooden presentation box. Inside is a museum style label which acts as a guide to the chocolate, the birds and their eggs.

Included are eggs from the following birds:

Blackbird, Guillemot, Raven, Capercaillie, Song Thrush & Merlin.

Imagine giving this to a birdwatcher for Easter or as a birthday gift and seeing the glow of joy on their face!

Hours of painstaking research at The Natural History Museum London took place in designing this special collection. The designs were also given visual approval by, the very helpful, head of egg collections in the zoology dept. before going ahead.

In order to paint with such attention to detail there will be a patch on the underside of each egg where the paint effect fades out. As in nature there will be variation in the exact colours and patterns on the eggs.