Chocolate Dung Beetle


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A solid chocolate dung beetle set into a solid chocolate frame




This chocolate beetle is set into a solid chocolate frame and is moulded from 225g of White, Milk or Dark Belgian couverture chocolate which is then carefully hand painted. This particular type of beetle comes in colours ranging from blue and violet to black and green and, as in the wild, our colours vary so you can look forward to a unique colour combination when you open up your box!

A wonderful gift for animal lovers.

(As featured on the Channel 4 TV show Extreme Chocolate Makers)

The Chocolate Dung Beetle, Violet Dor Beetle Geotrupes mutator, has been created in collaboration with entomologist Sally-Ann Spence.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside someone with such a passion for this important group of insects and who actively works to conserve and promote them.

Sally-Ann Spence, FRES FLS, is an Honorary Associate of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and co-founder of the Dung beetle UK Mapping Project DUMP. She specialises in researching land management, biodiversity and eco-system functioning.

This rare species of dung beetle inhabits unimproved pasture, moor, coastal grassland and coastal heathland in Britain.

Threats to this species include removal of livestock, disturbance to pasture and insecticide treatments. Its conservation requires environmentally sensitive livestock farming.

The beetle’s colour can range from black to blue and from violet to green – even a mix of two of these colours.

To find out more about Sally-Ann’s work go to @minibeastmayhem.




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Dimensions 13 × 11 × 2 cm

Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate


  1. Bruno (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing ! You really don’t want to eat but hang it. But once you ‘be tried a little piece, you know that you are going to eat the whole thing as the chocolate is high quality !

  2. Derek Binns

    Simply exquisite edible art. First you want to study the species, to marvel at its fine detail, and only then is it right to delight in the most delicious chocolate you can ever imagine. Once seen, never forgotten. Once tasted, life is so much better.

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