Solid Chocolate Fingers (Human) in Milk or Dark chocolate


8 solid Chocolate Fingers, the human kind,  in a variety of sizes.

Realistic, edible, human and very, very tasty fingers to share with friends or just tickle your own fancy.



8 solid Chocolate Fingers, the human kind,  available in Milk or Dark chocolate

Realistic, edible, human and very, very tasty fingers to share with friends or just tickle your own fancy.

These works of cannibalistic edible art are made from real human models and come in a selection of sizes from child to adult all in solid Belgian chocolate.

Replace the flake in your ice-cream, send to someone who needs a hand, or just give someone the finger!

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  1. Alex W (verified owner)

    These are just simply superb, and they taste fantastic as well. Excellent customer service from The Edible Museum to top it all off nicely.

  2. J Palmer (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent. Very realistic and the chocolate is divine. Excellent gift. My partner loved them.

  3. Nigel Steggel (verified owner)

    Delicious and really lifelike, everyone loved them, had the heart last time,she what next?

  4. John Dallman (verified owner)

    Delicious, as well as extremely realistic.

  5. Lisa S (verified owner)

    After seeing some terrific creations on Extreme Chocolate Makers we had to try something from The Edible Museum. The chocolate fingers were really cool! Very lifelike and the chocolate just tasted delicious. Deciding what to try next….!

  6. Laura (verified owner)

    These look great, so realistic and creepy! Gave to my 12 yo nephew for Christmas with a copy of ‘anatomicum’ from the wellcome collection. He loved it! Arrived super quickly too.

  7. Leander Marshall (verified owner)

    These were also bought for my husband as a birthday present. I bought a box of Cadbury chocolate fingers and removed the product so I had the box. The disappointment that the the box had been opened and was obviously lighter than it should have been was was very quickly replaced with confusion and then an almost childlike wonder when he tipped these out. They were very gratefully recieved and he loves them

  8. Lisa (verified owner)

    I bought 2 sets of 8 milk chocolate fingers for my friend and her boyfriend. They were disturbed by the fingers, so they’re perfect! And I’ve been told they taste amazing. They certainly look it. Can only recommend!

  9. Sam (verified owner)

    Superbly spooky – my nephews loved these realistic chocolate fingers and couldn’t get enough of them.

  10. Joanna (verified owner)

    I got my parcel today – I cannot comment on the taste but the whole packaging looked so cute and made me feel special. As this was a gift purchase I really appreciated the small gift of the 11th finger – just for me:)))))

    The delivery was very fast, loved the packaging and…of course…the idea of the product:)

    I hope to see some insides next time:)

  11. Kristen (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough good things about these fingers and I wish I had gotten more because they were a hit. They are fun for kids and adults!! I got the milk chocolate ones and they were delicious and so realistic looking. One of our fingers even had a chipped nail which I particularly enjoyed, what a fun unique gift.

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