This is a beautiful, two layer wooden presentation box with insanely detailed chocolate fossil replicas nestling inside.

In the upper tray are sixteen prime examples of Trilobites, Ammonites, Brachiopods and Sharks teeth, in a mixture of Milk, Dark and White chocolate.

In the lower section, as you pull back the shredded paper you will find a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and a Megalodon carcharodon tooth inside.

The box comes complete with notes on the edible fossils and can be personalised with your name as the paleontologist who discovered them.

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Customer Reviews:

“This arrived in the post this morning, and I can’t get over how wonderful it is! The fossils are superb reproductions, fantastically presented and simply stunning. The packaging is simple and elegant, and makes the whole thing feel more like something out of a nineteenth century ‘cabinet of curiosities’ rather than a collection of chocolates. The only question is whether they should be eaten, or simply left as a gorgeous display item. The ultimate fossil lovers gift!” (M. Champion)

“My friend received these and responded “O!M!G! They’re gorgeous!” Thank you for providing a way for me to give my friend a spectacularly original gift.”