After selling out twice when we released these in 2022 these are now established as a best seller

Garden Slugs in a mixture of white, milk & dark chocolate.

We put our squeamishness aside to lovingly craft this most delectable of confections for you.

The perfect gift for the gardener in your life. Just imagine how excited they’ll be to exact their revenge on the real thing!

Great for a Halloween tablescape, the perfect creepy crawlies for a child’s birthday cake, or send them to Ron Weasley at a Harry Potter themed party!

PLEASE share photo’s to me on Instagram or Facebook if you use them for anything before popping the bite sized morsel into your mouth, I would love to see them

Drop a little bit of invertebrate joy onto someone’s doormat.


14 Milk, Dark and White solid chocolate slugs in various slimy poses

These chocolate animals may look different from those shown in the image as every one is hand made and hand painted.

As seen here in (link to Holly & Co Reel)


(Arion ater, Gastropod, mollusca, molluscs, slugs and snails)